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'Be the change'


At Royal Youth we believe that every person is born with a special gift given by God, and that those gifts are given to bring glory to God and to inspire others. It is our aim to identify and develop these gifts in our young people and to equip them with the principles and teachings of Christ to allow their dreams and purpose become a reality.


Discover our age specific class groups ..

Royal Kidz (2-6 year olds)

The little Royal Kidz is for the 2-6 year olds, in this class the children learn about God and Christian attributes through creative play, including play dough, messy play and many more. The children also learn new songs, and are able to express themselves through dance as a part of worship.


Royal Kidz Warriors

(7-11 year olds)

Royal Kids Sunday school fellowship is where love and kindness grows. We are the unmoveable, unshakable 7 to 12 years warriors.


Royal Youth (13-16 year olds)

We enable our children within age group of 11-16 years to grow  confidently, while building their relationship in God, within a safe, fun and interactive environment.


Youth Sunday School

Contact us to enrol your child/ren and join our vibrant thriving youth as they explore the Word of God together.

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Ministry Co-ordinator:  Geraldine Parker-Smith
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