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Women of Excellence is made up of a community of women from different backgrounds, but with one goal in mind, to reach heaven.

As Christian woman we have been given a mandate to stand on the word of God, in an ever changing world, where the values of the church are under constant attack.

Keeping the faith and focusing on the God-given vision, through the stormy seas of change is crucial and should be our main objective. If we collectively and individually align ourselves with God’s word, what a mighty force we will be.

In Ephesians 4: Paul calls for the church to have true unity in the faith. With that in mind I believe we can be a community of united women, living for Christ and demonstrating faith in every aspect of our lives.

women of ex
Mother D and Mother G

Join us in our monthly “Authentic women’s meetings “. Where we empower, inspire, educate, and identify the needs of those attending.  In a nurturing environment were we can support each other as disciples of Christ, attending to both the spiritual needs and well being of each individual.

This year we will also be hosting a series of fellowship breakfasts, lunches and day trips.  To find out more please email us.

Ministry Leader:  Joy Fanty
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